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About Jason

Jason has a diverse background and was employed in the field of fine art for almost 14 years. In addition to fine art photography and abstract landscape painting he also specializes in photographing artwork. Through this diversity each life experience along the way has fed the artistic creative nature on some level whether it was realized or not. While hesitant to refer to himself as an artist he is most content while pursuing artistic endeavors in a quiet reflective environment.

Jason is an accomplished musician and songwriter who discovered a love for photography, painting and web design as an adult after reaching a musical plateau. The transition from aural to visual has been a natural extension in the pursuit of furthering creative exploration in his life.

Growing up in rural Oklahoma fostered an appreciation of big skies, open space, and dramatic sunsets which is often evident in his landscape photography. Additional inspiration comes from his fascination with the ocean and the seemingly unending horizon line. This inspiration is mirrored by the often vague and implied horizon in his paintings. Thank you for your interest in Jason's artwork and for visiting his website. Please feel free to check back as new images are posted.

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