Jason Smith

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Artist Statement

Art comes out of a visceral reaction to the acknowledgment of our life experiences leading to the capturing of the moment the experience is realized. I view reality as the culmination and totality of never ending abstract expressions of our Creator...never ceasing and constantly changing yet pieced together to formulate life as we know it. With regard to photography, I have been shooting digitally for well over 15 years. I originally came to this position due to simple economics upon moving to San Antonio based upon my inability to continue paying $8 per roll for film processing. Digital photography opened the door for advancement and improvement faster than I could ever imagine simply based upon the instant feedback with the LCD preview. I still have high regard for those who choose to shoot film but as far as I'm concerned it is all photography - light writing, f-stops and shutter speeds.

With regard to Photoshop, I lean toward an old school approach by mainly choosing modifications that can easily be accomplished in a traditional darkroom. On occasion, I may take artistic license and straighten lines or remove a distracting element but all of my images are actual photographs and not photo illustrations or layered composite images. I prefer to create the foundation for dramatic contrast through the control of the exposure while focusing on capturing as much highlight detail as possible.

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