Politics Are Not My Religion


I am a follower of Christ.
After 40 years I am still figuring out what that means.
I donít have all the answers but seek to discern what really matters.

Faith is simple.
Turn on a light switch and the light comes onÖyou just lived by faith.
Even when you canít see the electricity, you know itís there.

Your neighbor is NOT your enemy.
Even if they look or think or sin differently than you,
We all benefit from sun and rain.

Jesus was not a Republican. Nor was he a Democrat or even a Christian.
By earthly measure He began as a Jewish carpenter.
I would like Him to build my house.

Sheep cannot help being sheep because they are sheep.
We continue to protect sacred cows, cast stones.
Meanwhile, hate continues to masquerade as righteousness.

There is more to life than mere paper labels and rhetoric.
I refuse to be bound by the political shackles of either side.
This is not freedom. True freedom is only found in love.

I have a diverse group of friends, family and neighbors.
On any given day I may disagree with most of them.
They are still welcome at my table.

So, if you are hungry, I will give you something to eat.
If you are thirsty, I will give you something to drink.
Jesus saw the crowds and he had compassion. I am still learning this.

If this moves you, feel free to share, if this angers you feel free to move on.
If you feel the need to re-interpret my words please donít
I am still working on loving God and loving my neighbor.

Posted on 15 Aug 2020, 20:30 - Category: Spiritual Lessons